As soon as the Friday night dance party led by the Warszawska Orkiestra Sentymentalna draws to a close, we’ll hand the reins over to the Baczyński-Weber duo for a DJ set featuring musics of the seas, both far and near. Tropikalium, as the DJs assure us, is a trip round the world: “We’ll make stops in South America, continental Africa, and Cape Verde. Also in store--a couple of desert storms and Caribbean squalls.”

Bartosz Weber and Wojtek Baczyński like to paint themselves as enthusiasts of extraordinary recordings. Both are keenly interested in the so-called world music genre and the rather unexplored nooks and crannies of electronic music. Associated with Warsaw’s Lado ABC scene, Weber has been a member and animating spirit of many popular bands, including Mitch & Mitch, Baaba, Slalom, and Warszawska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa. Recently, Weber has also been performing as a solo artist. In Warsaw’s music lover circles, Baczyński is known as an avid collector, primarily of South American records and albums.

Dance party at the Kino Iluzjon Foyer | Fri, Apr 20, 2018 | midnight 

  • Tropikalium

    photo Malwina Toczek