Spontaneous Chamber Music

Spontaneous Chamber Music is an improvisation-based project created by guitarist and composer Marcin Olak together with violist and sound artist Patryk Zakrocki. Both instrumentalists have very rich and diverse experience: they’ve played at jazz festivals and with symphony orchestras, made music for film and theatre, conducted master classes and worked as session musicians. Olak and Zakrocki recorded their first album in 2016 with the help of drummer Mikołaj “Miki” Wielecki. 2018 saw the release of Spontaneous Chamber Music’s sophomore record: this time, the line-up was enlarged by Agustí Fernández, one of the most eminent European free improv pianists.

Apart from vast experience and a similar musical sensitivity, what Zakrocki and Olak have in common is their incessant quest for new sounds. Zakrocki likes to combine string instruments with music boxes, oscillators and an electric mbira. Olak, though associated with the jazz milieu, doesn’t use a plectrum, and the textures he creates place him within the European guitar tradition. As noted by the artist himself, the expressive potential of his instrument tends to be closer to what the listeners would usually expect from a grand piano.

Both Zakrocki and Olak have numerous albums and foreign performances under their belts. The former is definitely more experienced in composing film scores. Zakrocki made music to Roman Polański’s student film etudes, experimental films by Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, and Władysław Starewicz’s puppet animations. He presented his original film scores in Europe, the US, Uruguay, China and Japan. During the Silent Film Festival, the duo will perform live music to “The Spanish Dancer” starring Pola Negri.

”The Spanish Dancer”Fri, Apr 20, 2018 | 8pm | Kino Iluzjon

  • Marcin Olak

    photo Beata Michalczyk
  • Patryk Zakrocki

    photo Katarzyna Kasica