Bye Bye Butterfly

Take slightly blurred, ethereal vocals, add some experimentation, a lot of bass and even more analog synthesizers – Bye Bye Butterfly are definitely not into minimalism.Ola Bilińska and Daniel Pigoński treat the song formula with considerable freedom.Beautiful vocal passages and catchy choruses are accompanied either by lyrical keyboard parts or noisy dissonances.The duo’s music resonates with echoes of romantic dream-pop from the cult 4AD label, but their influences span 1980s German electronica, trip-hop and even Italian baroque.Bilińska is a very charismatic singer: the timbre and expression of her voice are usually enough to engage the audience. With Bye Bye Butterfly, the listeners have to be more focused, but they are offered a great deal in return.

Bye Bye Butterfly’s debut album “Do Come By” was released in 2015 by Thin Man Records. Before that, Bilińska fronted Babadag, founded the Berjozkele project and played in Muzyka Końca Lata. Pigoński started out in Pustki, and after he left the group, he co-founded Elektrolot, Polpo Motel (a duo with baroque singer Olga Mysłowska) and Der Father. He often composes music for the theatre. From the very outset, he has specialized in drum machines and all sorts of keyboards.

During the Silent Movie Festival, Bye Bye Butterfly will perform music for “The Dumb Girl of Portici.”Given the musical roots of this work and the fact the main role is played by famous ballerina Anna Pavlova, the artists’ previous experience from the world of theatre and opera will definitely come in handy.

"The Dumb Girl of Portici" | Sat, Apr 21 | 5pm | Kino Iluzjon

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    photo Wojtek Mann