Companion Events

Pola Negri. Life of the Star

dir. Mariusz Kotowski, USA, 2016, 55 min

Sat, 6pm, The Promised Land Auditorium

A story about the eventful, remarkable life of Pola Negri, born Apolonia Chałupiec in Lipno near Włocławek, a movie star of the silent film era, who shaped the early days of the fledgling international movie industry. Pola Negri was the first European actress to be invited to Hollywood, thus paving the way for icons of Classical Hollywood cinema, such as Greta Garbo and Marlena Dietrich. She rubbed shoulders with the biggest names in Hollywood, was engaged to Charlie Chaplin and has been romantically linked with Rudolf Valentino.

The documentary, directed by Mariusz Kotowski, a filmmaker living in the US, makes broad use of a range of archival materia, including photographs and footage from films that Negri starred in. Adding to the rich detail of the documentary are the penetrating and insightful conversations with the actress Hayley Mills, the lead from Pola Negri’s last movie, the 1964 picture “The Moon-Spinners.”

After the screening join us for a meeting with Dorota Łańcucka, the founder of the Pola Negri Cultural Association in Lipno. The discussion about the life and work of the magnificent actress will be led by Michał Pieńkowski, a FINA film scholar.



The Artist

dir. Michel Hazanavicius, France, Belgium, 2011, 100 min

Sun, 6pm, The Promised Land Auditorium

A 2011 independent French picture that went on to win six César Awards and five Academy Awards, including for Best Picture, in recognition of its rather unprecedented return and homage to the foremost traditions of silent cinema nearly 80 years after its decline.

“The Artist” is a moving and amusing tale of a Hollywood silent movie star, George Valentine (Jean Dujardin, in an Academy Award-winning performance) whose illustrious career suffers an unexpected downturn after the widespread adoption of sound in cinematography. The advent of sound, it turns out, gives a considerable career boost to his friend, the young actress Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) whose acting skill helps her make her mark on the early years of sound film. Will the newly-minted movie star manage to convince her embittered colleague that his time is far from over?

After the screening, film critics Kaja Klimek and Błażej Hrapkowicz will discuss the massive success of “The Artist” at the 2012 Academy Award gala and whether it is feasible to produce silent movies in our contemporary cultural landscape.

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