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What we do to ensure availability

We strive to ensure that the www.fn.org.pl service meets the international WCAG 2.0 guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 fdc.org.pl/wcag2/). These define the rules for creating websites, and ensure the content placed in them is available for everyone regardless of the degree of disability or age of the user, and also of the hardware or software used. These guidelines provide for 3 levels of availability. Our current goal is that the service should comply with the second of these levels AA.

How we maintain availability

We work on the availability of the service every day. On a technical level, we are supported by experienced programmers, and we strive to ensure the highest level of availability of the content published on the website. We also use the help of availability specialists.

We try to make sure the service of the National Film Archive is friendly to everyone. Therefore, if something has caused you a problem on the site, please contact us and describe the problem. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Contact us

Are you having trouble accessing some features or content? Do you need information in a different format than that presented on the site? Do you have an idea how we could maintain availability better? Tell us about it: redakcja@fn.org.pl

The website was created by the Iconographic Collections Digitisation and Internet Information Team: cyfryzacja@fn.org.pl

Coordination, selection and preparation of the iconography and multimedia content: Aneta Kozłowska, Dominika Suder Updating, availability, BIP [Public Information Bulletin]: Agnieszka Kluczek
Text preparation and proofreading: Katarzyna Koła-Bielawska

The site uses archival photographic, iconographic and multimedia materials from the collections of the National Film Archive presented on www.fototeka.fn.org.pl, www.gapla.fn.org.pl, www.nitrofilm.pl, and www.repozytorium.fn.org.pl as well as from press releases.

The photos used on the site were taken by: Łukasz Gawroński, Danuta Matloch, Agata Steifer.

The logos used come from: SimpleIcon from www.flaticon.com under a CC 3.0 BY licence.

Archival website Link to the archival site of the National Film Archive for the years 2006-2016: http://www.fn.org.pl/archiwum/


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