Literary materials

The collection includes:

  • More than 100,000 materials documenting most of the Polish post-war productions

The collection contains:

  • Literary materials – showing the process of developing and forming plot in film: scripts, shooting scripts and film novels
  • Production materials – regarding the process of realization and distribution of film: schedules, estimates, dialogue lists and subtitle lists

The collection is a priceless source of knowledge for film experts and film historians. Unique documents about unrealized films, which enrich and complete knowledge about the history of Polish film and filmmakers, are of special importance. Among the authors of literary materials, we find the names of exceptional writers, including Jan Józef Szczepański, Stanisław Lem and Leopold Tyrmand, as well as other important public figures, for instance: Jacek Kuroń, Bohdan Tomaszewski and Barbara Hoff.


Literary materials are right now gathered in digital format too. Furthermore, FINA implements a process of gradual preservation and digitization of selected items, with a particular emphasis on manuscripts and documents in poor condition.

  • Literary materials from the collection of the National Film Archive on display to mark the Tenth Anniversary of the National Film Archive in 1965.