The collection includes:

  • more than 1,000,000 photographic materials from more than 25,000 Polish and foreign films

Among them are photographs of creators, unique stills and working photos from film sets as well as photos from film premieres.

The photographic collection contains:

- paper stills

- photographic documentations

- negatives as well as productional and authorial

- glass negatives (photographic plates)

- digital photographs

Among the collected materials, apart from the classical photographic paper ad stills, there are also on-set still photographs, photographic documentations, studio portraits, sample pictures as well as numerous works from private collections.

FINA possesses a uniquely valuable collection of photographs from the oldest, almost a hundred-year-old film productions. The list of pre-war stills has almost 3,000 elements on it and is still expanding. The biggest and most diverse collection is comprised of materials from the films from the years 1945-1989. FINA also possesses a collection of negatives from film photojournalists: Tadeusz Kubiak, Romuald Pieńkowski, Roman Sumik and Jerzy Troszczyński, as well as negatives from the Se-Ma-For animation studio.



The digitization of the negatives, diapositives and paper stills began in 2006. Among many cultural institutions, the then National Film Archive was the first to launch and implement such a project. In November 2009, the Fototeka website was created, designed to present digitized photographic materials from the archive. Nowadays, the website shares more than 250,000 photographs with descriptions.


  • A still from the film "Kocha, lubi, szanuje" [Love, Cherish, Respect] (1934) dir. Michał Waszyński

  • A colour still from Jerzy Hoffman's film "Potop" [The Deluge] (1974)

  • Examples of negatives from the animated film "Rekord" [Record] (1973) dir. Lucjan Dembiński from the Se-Ma-For Studio

  • Colour diapositive with a portrait of the actress Anna Dymna