The archival collection is the most nonhomogeneous FINA’s collection. It contains a number of materials associated with artworks, authors and film institutions, as well as events, appearances and themes (e.g. film techniques, film studies and photography). Documents related to the production process and censorship (protocols from the Scenarios Assessment Committees and pre-release reviews) are of special importance.

The collection consists of various kinds of objects, including:

  • film meetings protocols
  • official documents (ID cards, certificates)
  • tickets and invitations
  • remembrances of those from the film industry who died
  • private photographs
  • correspondences
  • iconographies and literary materials from the pre-war films

The collection is composed mostly of thematic collections (e.g. “Andrzej Wajda”, “Zenon Wasilewski”, “Czołówka Filmowa Wojska Polskiego”, “Polonica” [foreign films with the participation of Polish artists]).