Julia Marcell

Combining pop and alternative music, as it’s broadly understood, Julia Marcell is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In her songs, she can be solemn and direct but her last album – Proxy (2016) – also showed an inclination to be ironic. Some of her songs transmit the powerful energy of a live performance, while others are meticulously crafted in the studio. Labelled an "export artist" at one point, she then proceeded to release a CD exclusively in the Polish language. Julia Marcell also writes music for film and theatre, and she has won a Fryderyk and also a Polityka Passport award. The latter was awarded "for proving that a career in pop music can be achieved single-handedly and on one's own terms". The artist will perform the music for the movie Sherlock Jr. (JB)


Julia Marcell - piano, keyboards

Kasai - piano, keyboards

Strings Avenue Quartet:

Julia Maliszkiewicz - violin

Kana Yatsuzuka - violin

Agnieszka Dobrzyńska - viola

Kamila Borowiak - cello

April 7 | 20:00 | Iluzjon cinema

- SHERLOCK HOLMES | „A Canine Sherlock Holmes” | dir. Stuart Kinder | UK, 1912 | 15' | DCP
live music: Diomede
- SHERLOCK HOLMES | „Sherlock Jr.” | dir. Buster Keaton | USA, 1924 | 45' | DCP 
live music: Julia Marcell

  • Julia Marcell

    photo Sonia Szostak
  • Julia Marcell

    photo Sonia Szostak