The ARRM quartet’s debut album was released in 2016, but the band’s members have a long history stretching back years with groups such as 52UM, Thaw and Furia, among others. With ARRM they are able to share their common fascination with mesmerising psychedelic rock, characterised by compositions that build very slowly based on seemingly endless chord repetitions. The intricately built tension calls to mind the late albums of the American group Earth, with the low-key melodies also seemingly haunted by the spirit of David Lynch films. Following two years of silence, the Sosnowiec band are now gearing up for the release of their latest album. Before this happens, however, ARRM will compose the music for the movie The Sign of Four. (JB)


Michał Leks - drums

Artur Rumiński - guitar

Rafał Miciński - bass guitar

Maciej Śmigrodzki - keyboards

April 6 | 19:00 | Iluzjon cinema

- SHERLOCK HOLMES | „The Sign of Four” | dir. Maurice Elvey | UK, 1923 | 83' | 35 mm

  • ARRM

    photo Maciej Mutwil